The key to your website's success


Accessible websites allow people with disabilities to use websites. Making websites accessible creates a wider audience for your website. Accessibility of a website helps not only blind users, but also older people, and those with difficulties seeing, hearing, or with poor motor skills.

Website accessibility is becoming more important not only because companies need to comply with laws, but because they can increase their customer base.

When reviewing your site for Accessibility Compliance, I review industry standards and provide recommendations on how to become complaint with those standards. The recommendations could also include examples, if desired.

Recommendations could include something as simple as making the ALT attribute more relevant, or updating titles on a web page. In some cases, to be compliant would require more intensive updates. Not to worry; whether the changes are simple or more involved, we will guide the efforts to make your site accessible.

In order to evaluate your site for Accessibility Compliance, I follow the industry standards found here: