The key to your website's success


Ideal Net Solution keeps the customer involved in the creation process. We keep the website creation process iterative by providing our customers with as much information as they require about the progress and status of their websites.

Competitive Analysis
Analyzing what your competitors are doing and how they are doing it can give you insight into improving your own products or services. I can evaluate their online presence as well as their Search Engine placements and provide you with suggestions on how to transition your site from where it is to where you want it to be.

Evaluation and Analysis of your current site
Every company needs to know who its customers are. Companies spend time and money gathering information about clients but often need help to bring that customer to life. Our evaluation and analysis creates a virtual user that is representative of a large segment of your demographic. Typically, a single company will have many of these virtual users. We evaluate the site through these users' eyes, focusing on making their experience on your website easier, more pleasing, and more rewarding.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Optimizing a website for search engines can increase your visibility and therefore your sales with little up-front cost.

User-Centered Design (UCD)
Putting the user at the core of your website enables you to provide products and services that your clients really need, instead of focusing on things with a smaller return.

Design and Coding

Flash animation can add life and sparkle to your site. Ideal Net Solution creates animations that don't distract from your content, but enhance it.


Website Copywriting
Too many websites use confusing text or blatantly try to sell you something you are not interested in. The key to selling on the web is not to &quotsell&quot. Studies have shown that people leave sites that are trying to sell or advertise in a manner that most people find annoying. That method is commonly referred to as &quotmarketese&quot. Ideal Net Solution avoids such methods when creating unique content for your website. Additionally, creating text for your website should be done by someone with Search Engine Optimization skills because the copy on your website greatly impacts the traffic to your site.

Website Accessibility Review & Recommendations
Target had just settled a lawsuit where it has to pay out $6M to NFB (National Foundation for the Blind). Target was sued because their website was not accessible to people with disabilities. Many countries, including the United States, already have laws regarding website accessibility. With the aging population in the U.S. alone, these lawsuits will happen more and more unless you take proactive steps to ensure your site's accessibility. I analyze your website based on both U.S. law (Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act) and W3C Guidelines.

Optimizing business processes
Are too many of your processes manual? Do your processes involve a lot of people and a lot of &quothand-offs&quot? Analyzing and simplifying your processes can boost productivity and save you money.